A world without borders

The Global Federal League is inspired by the ideals of democracy, pacifism and global federalism. It advocates for the formation of a strong, inclusive global tier of governance which would effectively address issues of international gravity, while enshrining the sovereignty of the individual nations. It wishes to unite the world into a vibrant tapestry of propsperous and harmonious cultures, ending centuries of war, distrust and animosity.



The Global Federal League is devoted the World Federalism movement. It strongly advocates for the formation of a global tier of governance in order to effectively address many issues of international gravity. It intends to spread awareness regarding the same through competitive events, socio-cultural programmes, webinars, podcasts, workshops, videos, songs, and so on. It seeks to connect cultures and bridge the historical gulf of distrust and animosity caused by jingoism.


The Global Federal League is currently drafting it's charter and customising it's social media profiles. It intends to conduct it's first formal session sometime in June, to be closely followed by the organization's first general elections. Stay tuned to our activities by joining our official Telegram channel and Whatsapp group, as well as through our blogs and posts.

"Future peace, security and ordered progress of the world demand a world federation of free nations, and on no other basis can the problems of the world be solved."

-Jawaharlal Nehru

"Our own land and our own flag cannot be replaced by any other land or any other flag. But you can join with other nations, under a joint flag, to accomplish something good for the world that you cannot accomplish alone"

-Eleanor Roosevelt

"A federation of all humanity, together with a sufficient means of social justice to ensure health, education, and a rough equality of opportunity, would mean such a release and increase of human energy as to open a new phase in human history."

-HG Wells

“I am a citizen, not of Athens, or Greece, but of the world."


“I believe at some future day the nations of the earth will agree upon some sort of congress which will take cognizance of international questions of difficulty and whose decisions will be as binding as the decisions of our Supreme Court are upon us.”

-Ulysses S. Grant

“With all my heart I believe that the world’s present system of sovereign nations can only lead to barbarism, war, and inhumanity. Mankind’s desire for peace can be realized only by the creation of a world government."

-Albert Einstein

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